Cannot craft certain Psalms


First of all I apologize if I am missing something here and this is not an in-game issue.

It seems I cannot forge certain psalms, like the Emanatus Psalm, even if I have the necessary prerequisites (the other lower tier psalms).

So when I press "Shape Selected Psalm-Code" nothing happens. 

The odd thing is that it worked with other psalms and I crafted several low-tier psalms but it is just not working with Emanatus Psalm.

It doesn't look like I am short in some crafting materials or credits.

UPDATE: I restarted the game and could craft it.

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Cannot craft certain Psalms
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1 year 252 days ago


You experience this only with the Emanatus Psalm or with other psalms as well?
1 year 253 days ago
This happens to me all the time on PS4. Is super frustrating... Can this bug b addressed please?