Perks on 90+ items


Lvl 90+ drops are somewhat rare, lvl 100s drop once in a long time of grinding. How disappointing it then is to see them with the minimum number of perks possible for them to have.

Neocore, would you consider raising the chance of having max number of perks as the item level rises above 90? E.g. every additional gear level above 90 * 10% chance of having max number of perks for the given item. With level 100 items guaranteed to have them all?

I know the game is about the grind, but having a nice level 100 module drop with only three perks is just... sad. That's not what top level items should look like!

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Perks on 90+ items
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2 years 201 days ago

What should happen is the drops should scale with the character.  If your character is above 90 then the level of the drops should be above 90.  This seems like a no brainer to me.

2 years 205 days ago
I never were so lucky to achieve an item Lvl 100. Even though this kind of items IS after all BETTER in all aspects. I do believe it would be nice to at least items that kind of Lvl is at least bound to have one more.

So as if an item Lvl 90 is normally having (example) 3-7 Perks. A Lvl 100 is AT LEAST bound to have a minimum of 4. No matter what. Also they are having the chance of having 1 more Maximum number of Perks too.

Or totally completely make the decision of making UNique Combined Armour Sets. Let us say these are always, and have to be, and can´t be less, then Lvl 95. Each and every item(s) is having one Unique name(s). When you do and if you find all the correct named items, they are combining giving you a Unique and very rare hard to find full set of Armour/Equipment of Gear. This combined sets gives the wearer Unique Abilities and VERY powerful Boosts of course. But they are and also DO COME with a cost of using/wearing them. Yes, they do come with a price to pay. You don´t get to use these kind of Armour Sets without having some kind of Negative Effect(s).

And you know that some Inquisitors through the time have been dwelling into Powers both beyond and within the Forbidden arts.

Something to chew upon among you Developers.

2 years 209 days ago
Good question. Maybe they won't come at all as the current TA meta is quite viable.
2 years 211 days ago
This was just an example, as my only level 100 item. But I had a few 95+ drops of other gear types with the same issue. The worst offender was a level 98 red axe with four perks. Almost the highest level - and the absolute minimum number of perks a red item can have.

With that said: red construct modules when? :-)

2 years 211 days ago
It has to be added that modules are limited to 3-4 enchants. But what you suggest makes sense so we will discuss this!
2 years 215 days ago
Yah 90 +  are super low drop chances when it drops it  shit . Ur 100 percent right