[PC] Update for Inquisitor - v2.4.1 | August 11


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr will be released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

Patch v2.4.1

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed a rare crash issue occurring when one received vast amount of loot drops in a mission
  • Fixed a rare crash issue which could occur if one purchased an item from any of the stores right when the timer got reset
  • Fixed an issue where Tech-Adept weapons could not be upgraded with the controller under certain circumstances
  • Fixed the drop rate of the Empyrean Seals, as it could be skewed in Tarot Cards' favor too much
  • Fixed the description of a few item enchants which were related to the Life-Drain mechanism
  • The Thunderbolt of Authority relic enchant could display a nonsensical value sometimes. This has been corrected
  • Fixed the overlapping text problem which appeared on the Reward window
  • Fixed the "Aegis Psalm + Hypergheist Psalm + Shroud Psalm + Nova Psalm" Psalm-code Doctrine
  • Blessing-type Psychic Powers combined with a certain relic enchant could make the character invulnerable to any damage. This has been fixed
  • The Concordia ability of the Psyker's Psy Focus Attribute has been fixed and now affects the Warp Heat reservation of the Blessing-type Psychic Powers
  • Fixed an issue where items dropped from destructible objects could fall under the ground
  • Fixed an issue where the lightning sound effect appearing for Seasonal characters in the Main menu didn't cease to play if one opened the Credits
  • Fixed the Mortify the Flesh Heroic Deed's description which was misleading
  • Fixed the Forbidden Knowledge Radical skill which did not grant XP bonus in certain cases
  • Corrected the Ordeal Tarot card's description which did not contain the time-limit penalty effect
  • Fixed an issue where the Phosphoenic Psalm + Technomartyr Psalm + Neuralis Psalm + Binharic Psalm Psalm-code Doctrine did not work together with the Heat Attacks skill tree's Spontaneous Combustion and the Superheated Discharge
  • Fixed the mission counter under the Player Info window which did not count the Seasonal characters' achievements
  • Fixed an issue where the "+ X% Damage Bonus to Constructs summoned from the Armour slot" relic enchant could roll onto armours which didn't have a summon slot
  • From now on the Heat Damage Bonus stat will get updated if one activates the Witchfire Symbiotics passive skill on the Heat Attacks passive skill tree
  • Fixed the Block active skill of both the Storm Shield and the Suppression Shield as the skill didn't consume Focus while being active
  • Fixed a Construct module skill's lightning effect which could become distorted and as such very unpleasant to the eye
  • Removed the blueprints of the various Construct weapons from all the stores as Construct weapons can no longer be crafted
  • Fixed the Caustic Reagents passive skill of the DoT skill tree which did not grant +1 second to DoT effects duration
  • Fixed the Volkite Psalm which didn't increase the DoT duration
  • Fixed an item enchant which didn't grant DoT duration
  • Fixed the Main Implant of Wrath's relic enchant '+X to the maximum of Enraged tokens' which did not work in Co-Op, unless one took off and then equipped the item once again in mission


  • The time-limit in Multiplayer after the completion of the main objective was 1 minute before players were teleported out. This limit has been increased to 3 minutes to provide enough time to gather loot or finish any other action
  • Rebalanced the Palace Under Siege campaign mission to make it easier to complete it within the given time-limit
  • Slightly reduced the amount of dropped items from destructible objects
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[PC] Update for Inquisitor - v2.4.1 | August 11
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274 days ago

Thanks for the effort !

But, for the construct weapon blueprint part:

"removed the blueprints of the various Construct weapons from all the stores"

That's not entirely true, my sweet captain is still selling construct weapons yesterday.

277 days ago
What f.. joke 1 to 3 mins. More unless coding   . Honestly  fix the basic of the  game 1st .  Disconnects. Unless pvp  warzone unless. 

U need very experienced players . That play the game hard . 

Say u guys test things is lie In an half . Please stop with non sense .


This game could be even more amazing  if u talked to right  players . (Hardcore one) 

277 days ago
They should only drop in void. More often.  

Reg game play like Intel etc   is very rare. 

278 days ago

Psyker weapons (all Psyker Rods, Staves and Blades) with Morality rarity weren't dropping and I believed this was going to be fixed with this patch. Is it just missing from the list of fixes?