End game


When are maxing the player lv higher then 100

Need to be more end game thing for endgame  players.

Paragon lvls ? 

Clan changes? 

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End game
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274 days ago
Maybe they will do as they done before, on a few occasions. Take it up one notch and raise the bar with 10 Lvls.

But that also requires other things to be applied.

278 days ago
That not good for  end game players. U will honestly start losing players.   As the commuty is alrighty an bit weak.  Thx for reply anyway 
279 days ago
Cerberus Hades

We are not planning to touch on the leveling system in the near future so I cannot confirm anything just yet.

280 days ago

what is the plan??

290 days ago

Yes but we're taking about a Average player (70 lv slow grind

 What about the hardcore players  that grind thought 100 that want more.  ?  ( hardcore players want bit more  to keep going. 

We got keep both player base on consistent  balance. Or a least try to.

291 days ago

The paragon level system is not in our minds. The current leveling pace is kind of slow, especially on higher levels (from lvl70) so bringing in this would only add to the grind rather than giving the feeling of progress.

The current Cabal system is the same as it was at release and we started to think about touching on its core mechanics so there is a chance that fundamental changes will come in this regard.