Patch 0.3.1 - Application freezes



I'm not sure if EW perk works correctly right now for it seems to be supposed to be activated only once per run and should be dismissed right after first revive event; It's pretty exploitable to rush through maps with this perk being revived multiple times, so I don't mind having this issue not fixed until people are bored by this exploit. But it seems that in some ways it leads to following issue(s):


User has EW perk enabled.

1. Go to a mission.

2. Rush into relatively big mob.

3. Wait until health is depleted.

4. Inspect EW perk activation.

Perk is activated only once per run, causing no game crashes.


Scenario 1:  User is able to have EW perk to be activated multiple times, at some moment application stops responding, all characters are frozen, only some minor animation is still running, menus and controls are not available.

Scenario 2 (was happening before 0.3.1 applied): User is able to have EW perk to be activated multiple times, at some certain moment when health AND suppression resistance (these regenerating armor points) are deplethed, application crashes with error message saying something about not having enough *Somewhat*ID (shame that I didn't save exact dialog)

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Patch 0.3.1 - Application freezes
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7 years 30 days ago
Thanks for the detailed feedback, we'll fix this ASAP!