Needed Badly: Shared Void Crusade Seasonal Task Credit


In coop's current state, only the host currently gets credit for some things in the game, including a few major season tasks.

Most notably, friends do NOT get credit for the void crusade-related seasonal tasks. The consequences of this are most pronounced with the "Complete 9 Void Crusades" task. If you are playing with just one friend, this means you need to complete 18(!) void crusades for both players to get credit (each person hosting and completing 9). If you have a full party -- 4 players -- you have to complete 36(!!!!!!!!!) void crusades for everyone to get credit. As another example, having to complete the 75 minute perfect void crusade run 2-4 times is simply brutal.

Needless to say, for an otherwise extremely fun coop game, this issue seems like a glaring hole in the experience, and really undermines the enjoyment of friends working to complete the season together -- unless they are willing to devote 2/3/4x more time doing so than a solo player.

Question -- is there any intention in a future update to allow all players in a party to get credit for the void crusade seasonal tasks, not just the host?

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Needed Badly: Shared Void Crusade Seasonal Task Credit
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1 year 86 days ago

Agree with Poor Yurik, this issue needs some attention. 

I completed the Ebony void crusade with Poor Yurik and we did the 75 minute speed run, Hardcore mode with 1 life, Servo Skull hunt, as well as the Master crusade where you complete all missions/bonus missions. Only Poor Yurik got credit, whereas I only received credit for the Servo Skull. Kind of a bummer that we would need to go through this again with all these modifiers just to get the seasonal and Steam achievements.

Is there a way to receive retroactive credit?

Also, on the subject of quests and credit: I've noticed that you cannot complete any daily quests while you are cooping with a friend. Quests that require you to "complete 3 missions in a row at least 4 difficulties or higher" for example will not mark any progress for either player, regardless of who is the host.

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