Movement Stuck after Overwhelmed + Slowed + Knocked Down


My friend (account name: Reekon) keeps having a bug with his psyker where he can no longer move unless he dies and I resurrect him. It seems to trigger whenever he gets overwhelmed/slowed + knocked down. Seems similar to this bug from over a year ago:

Is this issue being fixed in the next patch?

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Movement Stuck after Overwhelmed + Slowed + Knocked Down
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1 year 168 days ago
To color in a bit more of what's happening on my Psyker:

When I run out of suppression and get knocked down, my character will slowly stand back up and I cannot move nor can I perform *most* actions. If I do not get knocked down while fully suppressed, the bug does not occur.

Things I *cannot* do in this state:

-Click to move

-Move with keyboard keys (I play with WASD for movement)


-Teleport with my Aether sword

-Use abilities

Things I *can* do in this state:

-Open minimap

-Use an innoculator

-Manipulate the menus (options/inventory/etc)

Things to fix it:

-Die and be resurrected by a team mate

Things that didn't fix it:

-Enabling/disabling click to move

-Enabling controller

-Banging fist on keyboard

-Turning off Death Augur (this is actually how I discovered the issue, because Death Augur would resurrect me and I'd be pinned in place. Previously I thought I was just dying and didn't realize it was because my inputs ceased to work)

-Adding a suppression bonus to my innoculator to instantly restore suppression (the thought was that recovering from this state might fix it)

Hope this helps!