My congratulations!


My congratulations Ordo-Developers! Great work, you did it. 

the Emperor protects!

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My congratulations!
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5 years 7 days ago
2.0 was definitely a huge leap in the right direction. Lets not forget Path of Exile was pretty crap for a long time but they worked on it and now its one of the best arpg's around. Inquisitor can definitely achieve the same
5 years 7 days ago

I'm not afraid of bugs. Bugs are scared of me.

5 years 8 days ago

yeah, many bugs but the patience is showing me that i was right. and reporting every bug.

sometimes i feel like an beta testa :D. maybe neocore pay me for that ^^

anyone wright here why no open beta testing for patches neocore makes. i think that will be a good thing.

but in mind that neocore have no publisher (what is in my eyes very good!!), all need a bit more time.

but the game will be better and better :)

but it feels good that the comunity show the good respance from 2.0!

oh and sorry for the english:D

5 years 8 days ago
I like Inquisitor Martyr after the 2.0 patch very much. Still ALOT of bugs which needs to be fixed, and several QoL Features i really would like, but if the devs still work on the game i have faith :-)