Lost my crafting resources


When switching between season and non season, my non season inventory copied my seasonal inventory for resources. I had over 12k God sparks. 15k sparks of glory. 1500+ tarot cards, and had almost 800 various seals. I now have no tarots or seals, like 1300 God sparks and 1500 sparks of glory. A far cry from what I had before... Please fix this. It was a lot of work to gather all of this. 

 I also lost all my gear on one of my assassins. Is there anyway to get this stuff back? It took me a very long time to gather all of the gear. I lost all six roll items. My neural implant, main implant, eye, and signum where all relics. My Armour was 6 roll demon forged. My teleporter was 6 roll Archeotech enchant *when in enraged state state, enemies within 5m are shocked * and a 6 roll general vulnerability. It is super hard to get most of these items. Specially since they where between level 95 and 100. It is very frustrating to put in the time, and see my stuff disappear for no reason. 

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Lost my crafting resources
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88 days ago
Omegakiller007 and its on the PS5
103 days ago
If you tell me the platform and account name I will have the developer team check what happened and if they can they will restore your resources.