Locked out of my characters


After the move from servers, I now cannot access three of my characters. Omegakiller007 is my username. Can you fix this? 

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Locked out of my characters
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110 days ago
The character name is storage. And it is in my graveyeard
178 days ago
As I see you have 9 characters in total. Which one did you refer to?
191 days ago
I deleted two fo them. I have a third one I haven't deleted yet. It says "character loading error,try again, or try a different character."

I also cannot play multiplayer. It keeps showing me alone on my bridge, but on other people's screens I joined there lobby. They can't ready a game up because I cannot vote, and on my end, I am still solo. If I load up a game, I freeze on the mission card. I can't leave the mission breifing unless I close down the application. But my friends load into the game... Please fix or refund me my money for buying this. I am beyond upset with my purchases 

191 days ago
I can see 5h3m,but when I try to use them, they say loading error.

Now I cannot playmultiplayer with my friends. It shows me in there lobby but it will not start a game, and on my screen, I am alone. Please fux

223 days ago
Could you please describe the issue in more detail? By not being able to access them you mean you cannot login with them?

Can you see these characters in the Main menu?