LF Van helsing Final cut online character retrieval


I simply didn't realise the van helsing games on pc for whatever reason does not save a steam /pc save file and my character will be thrown into purgatory.  Played this game years ago in ps4 and got it 2 weeks back on pc and made 56 hrs of gameplay, which is now missing

The steam dev post talks about a character download made available. And I'm waiting for that. https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/400170/view/3290465838295943779

Store Page
LF Van helsing Final cut online character retrieval
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1 year 87 days ago


I'm not sure if this applies for the GOG version of the game too, but the guys at Neocore released the character downloader, so you can retrieve your saved games:


1 year 183 days ago
Over 100 hours in game (GOG version). Now I feel lost. No hope.
1 year 204 days ago
I can second this sentiment. I didn't see the servers were being shut down until a couple of weeks after it happened and as such I have lost 100s of hours of play I fully intend to finish. I got sucked into Grim Dawn for awhile and haven't been playing VH: FC, but I will go back and finish building my characters up to 100.

I don't abandon games just because they're a few years old. I still boot up the original X-Com from time to time. Some games age like fine wine, and honestly Van Helsing is one of those, at least for me. You created a rare gem with this one, a truly timeless masterpiece. How often do you get to play an ARPG that blends Steampunk with Classic Horror which features 19th Century literary references packed into every dialogue? 

1 year 241 days ago

I know its a old game and not a point of focus (infact no mention of the van helsing news on forums but just on steam). But me, I'd personally like my save game back.

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