King Arthur: Legion IX -

Rebuilding Nova Roma


As he emerges from the depths of Tartarus, Gaius Julius Mento finds himself on Avalon. He soon finds traces of other Romans, but the colony they have established is now in ruins. Still, Nova Roma is a promising starting place for conquerors.

In King Arthur: Legion IX, Nova Roma will be your base of operations, a place you can call home, but also a place where you can improve your soldiers and issue various decrees. Here you can also take a look at the new Morality Chart's various bonuses, which also lists your decisions that have affected the values.

Like Camelot in King Arthur: Knight's Tale, Nova Roma is represented as a 3D model with individual buildings, opening in separate panels as you select them.

These buildings have various functions, and you can assign your soldiers to some of them to gain bonuses. Here's a quick breakdown of the various facilities:

  • War Council: Here you can assign a hero to gain title benefits, and issue one decree after each mission.
  • Enchanted Tower: You can create new Relic items here using Relic dust.
  • Training Ground: Here you can improve physical attributes of soldiers and appoint a Master of Arms.
  • Blacksmith: Dismantle items and upgrade your favorite equipment pieces here.
  • Lararium: You can place your collected Lares here, offering various bonuses. (Read more here.)
  • Merchant: Here you can purchase various consumable items, trinkets, and runes for your equipment.

By upgrading each building, you can open up new ways to use them, which gives you more fighting chance in this twisted island full of savages and sinister magical creatures.

You will soon be able to start your adventure and make plans for the grand dream of Eternal Rome. Please wishlist King Arthur: Legion IX on Steam, as the release is inching closer, with an exact date soon to be revealed.

Vae victis!

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King Arthur: Legion IX - Rebuilding Nova Roma
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