Connect to server issue Xbox series s


Hello I was needing help my brother can't connect to the server on his Xbox series S he can load the  game up then when he gets to the part that tells you to click any button to continue it starts saying can't connect to server any help would be appreciated 

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Connect to server issue Xbox series s
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114 days ago
Hey! I'm sorry about the issue. Problem is there really isn't anything we can do on our end about it. I'll be monitoring other reports regarding this issue, though, to see if it's something widespread, or just the fluctuation of the servers
115 days ago

Hi! I've been having the same problem for 2 days now. I'm on xbox series s, my gamertag is "x Granovsk". Thank you if you can help.

129 days ago
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138 days ago
I've changed your server to EU, maybe that will get this connection issue unstuck. Let me know if there is any change on your end or no :)
140 days ago
My gamertag is Salvador Luna

I was able to play but, suddendly, It didnt work

141 days ago
Never ever were you able to open it, not once. I see. Could you please share with me your Xbox gamertag? 
142 days ago
Hi! Thanks for taking timento answer me.

Everytime i try to play i'm unable to connect. Yesterday o unninstalled and downloaded the Game again but still It can't connect to the servers.

My region is, if i'm right, NA.

142 days ago
Hi! You weren't able to connect to servers for a month? Not once? Or sometimes yes, sometimes no? What is your region? US, EU, AS, AU? 
143 days ago
I'm having this issue at leas forma month.

I'm on a Xbox series x. Intried uninstalling everything ando downloading again, uninstalling the DLC only but nothing helps.

152 days ago
Hi! This can happen if the servers are under heavy stress unfortunately, but it should resolve after some time. Was he able to get in since? :)