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Meet Albina Virgilia


King Arthur: Legion IX is an upcoming dark fantasy tactical RPG set in the world of our previous similar game, King Arthur: Knight's Tale. You play as Gaius Julius Mento on Avalon in a quest to establish Nova Roma and gather the long lost members of Legion IX. 

Today we are introducing another companion: Albina Virgilia, the Flamina

She is a former Vestal Virgin who broke her oath and for her sin, she was buried alive somewhere in Rome. She is one of the recruitable companions who was not sent by Sulla, she came to Avalon and she was offered a chance to live as a priestess by the Lady of the Lake. She is still serving Vesta, bringing a piece of the Roman faith to the island, but she accepts other gods. She represents "Life".

Before the Storm, Albina was responsible for stoking the Divine Fire that let other Roman souls find a home in Avalon, essentially establishing a prosperous Roman colony. But all of this was destroyed when Chaos erupted, and Albina had to hide herself with a spell. It will be up to the player to release her.

In the game, she will take the role of a Flamina, a priestess, and she will be the opposite of Plutonius Nerva. Because of this, it will be obvious from the start that they will not share a common goal and will develop conflicts. Don't let Albina's polite and kind demeanor fool you, though, she too has a vision for the future of Legion IX, and will do everything in her power to work towards this goal.

If you are looking forward to Legion IX, make sure to wishlist it on Steam. Until then, you can try the many new additions to King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, such as the Patch 2.0 overhaul or the new seasonal update, Rising Eclipse. You can also look forward to the console release of King Arthur: Knight's Tale on February 22!

Forward to Nova Roma!

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King Arthur: Legion IX - Meet Albina Virgilia
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