Bringing FINAL CUT to Consoles...


I know this DEV team is busy at bringing their newest baby King Arthur to the Consoles and I'm no stranger to the toll that takes on a team of people.  What I'm wondering is if I can help bring Van Helsing: Final Cut to the next gen consoles, as I've been talking to a lot of gamer friends who want to play it but not on the PC.  They are console gamers.  I understand the Trilogy is already on consoles, but it pales in comparison to the FC version they released IMO.

I'm looking to see if a DEV could personally reach out to me and let me know their thoughts.  If I can help come up with the funding to help port over VH:FC to consoles, if they'd have the time or interest in doing this or not.  I'm not looking for them to remaster their game. I would love to try to help the team bring this gem of a game from the minds of N.G. in the Arpg genre to more people and a wider audience on the consoles.  I understand this is a huge shot in the dark and I'd rather ask the DEV team, over never asking and never knowing.

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Bringing FINAL CUT to Consoles...
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141 days ago
Alrighty then, was worth a shot. Thanks for the reply and wish you guys luck on your future endeavors :)
142 days ago
Hey! Neocore Support here. I really appreciate you reaching out like this, and it's really nice to see the game still has a fanbase after all these years. To be real with you, while it would be great to do, it isn't realistic in the slightest for this to happen in the foreseeable future, as - like you also noted - we are working on our current games still, AND future projects are also in the works, so there aren't any spare resources we could commit to this idea :)