Issue with Acts of Faith tree



I've been playing the Soritas class a lot recently, still trying to get to 100. Had no problems with it's class setup. Last 24 hours, I'm pretty sure I've hit a bug, I can't be 100% certain as I'm in the high 80s level wise, whether things have gotten more difficult and there isn't a bug there I'm not sure.

But I've had quite a few random deaths yesterday while I was playing due to not paying attention. But the skill from the Acts of Faith tree isn't bringing me back up, for whatever reason. It was procing before the last patch a day prior. The passive skill at the bottom of the tree says the following:

Will of the Soritas: When you die in Embodied Saint Form, you ionstantly resurrect with 30% HP, stunning all enemies within 15 m. This effect can happen every 1.5 minutes.

When I have been in Saint form, I feel this hasn't been procing, unless 1) enemies are not being stunned, 2) they're hitting so hard that I lose the 30% hp buff immediately, 3) I've still on death got a damage DoT and debuff on me or 4) any or all of the above.

Devs can you test this ability and check it is still working as intended, because I swear when I've been  in Saint form and still had multiple lives left, I've not been getting back up immediately, but like I said this has only been happening since the last patch as I know my char has been getting up after death in Saint form prior.

Thanks in advance.

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Issue with Acts of Faith tree
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