Is There A Better Instruction Manual Anywhere?


If I have posted this in the wrong place I humbly beg for forgiveness. I didn't see anywhere so I just stuck it in here...

Ok firstly my Xbox One version is one Awesomely Great Game! 
Second I personally haven't really had any major problems... (Oh except for the Cabal Missions. I & a friend have had to wait TWO weeks before the re-fresh.
Thirdly did you (the game writers) actually do any proof reading (as in Quality Control) of the in-game text. There are a lot of spelling mistakes & some very bad grammer. As for pronunciations. Now I am no English Professor, nor am I a Shakespearian Actor. But I do have at least 80 of the Horous Heresy (& more) Audio Novels from the Black Library. So I am only going by how words & names are pronounced in their Audio's.

I will only list this one as it REALLY DOES ANNOY ME...

Very early in the campaign, before you can access the Command Bridge. Captain Van Wynter is warning us about The Martyr's iminent translation into Warp Space! Oh yes and according to scan data The Martyr has faulty Gellar Field generators. (Have a nice day lol).

I have UNDERLINED IN BOLD the word that the Actress who plays the Captain actualy mispronounces. 


As there are bloody hundreds of words that can be & are mispronounced. So this is how it is pronounced (I repeat I am going by how I have heard it on a Black library audio).

"Gel - lar".

And not, "Jel - lar"

Now for the so called TUTORIALS... Yes it does I admit provide much information on this, that & the other. BUT there is MUCH that is simply not there.
Now I understand that if you had listed EVERY SINGLE THING that you possibly could about the game the tutorial section would be huge.


If not here ( then somewhere. ANYWHERE!

Well if anyone has got any helpful HINTS or TIPS then please do not hesitate to post them here.

(Erm but ONLY if neocoregames do not make a post saying not to. I wouldn't want to get anyone especially ME into trouble. lol)

So I would like to know:

1) Is there another more detailed Manual anywhere?
Not the in game tutorial.

2) Can I be in more than one Cabal?

3) How do I access the other Sub Sectors that are locked on the Star Map?

And finally where is the Player to Player item exchange function that I & many others have asked for?

Oh if I have made any mistakes all I can do is apologise.....


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Is There A Better Instruction Manual Anywhere?
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161 days ago

I have many concerns like yours that have not been answered, what should I do?

Papa's freezeria

233 days ago

Yep I have just read through the Martyr compendium page....

4 years 202 days ago
1. There is no available Manual which is more detailed but issuing one is still within our plans!

2. You can be only in 1 Cabal at the time.

3. The other subsectors will be opened with the upcoming Seasons! Since yesterday you can reach the Triglav subsector.

As for your question regarding the item exchange, this mostly won't be impelemented due to technical difficulties. 

4 years 203 days ago
Short answer = No. Long answer is if you play end game don't play anything else but 2nd melee or pyro psyker.