Is a hardcore Void Crusade worth it?


Say a hardcore (HC) Void Crusade (VC) on full clear increases Loot Rarity by 70% and Loot Quality by 25% over a regular VC. This locks out the tarot cards that can increase "drop chance by +175% for Relic items and above". 

Is this a reasonable trade? That math doesn't look like it.

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Is a hardcore Void Crusade worth it?
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2 years 4 days ago
If I understand the mechanics correctly, the Tarot Cards improve the general chance of getting items with tier Relic and above, which is...hmm, 10%. The "Hardcore" tag for a Void Crusade, however, improves the loot from the Void Chests at the end of the Crusade. Given the proper strategy, there're 7 keys to open those chests.

In summary, the trade is reasonable.