I require a name change


It seems do to my name being "Dr.Dominik" I can't accept friend requests, or others being able to accept mine. There also seems to be someone else with the exact same name as me, when I click on their user profile it just shows mine again. I am the rank 18 Dr.Dominik in the EU region.

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I require a name change
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243 days ago
Ok I've issued the change. Let me know if it helped or not :)
244 days ago
Yes that would work for me. Thank you. I only have a level 18 Aetherwalker Psyker, the character is named "Dr Dominik".
246 days ago
Hey, would it work for you if I changed your account name to Dr_Dominik? I also need some further details about your account, I still can't tell yours apart from the other account by the same name. Could you let me know one of your characters' name for example? Cheers!