i can't log in in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut


Hello, im having problem to log in in the game, only recieve this message, and nevew go foward, can anyone help me?

i buy the game by the steam.

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61 days ago
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80 days ago

Hola, todavía puedes jugar en modo cooperativo de igual a igual, enviando una partida a un amigo.

80 days ago

Hola, estoy pensando en obtener todos los logros de tu juego y me gustaría saber si aún puedo obtener el logro Never Walk Alone jugando sin conexión.

84 days ago

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing doesn't support online play anymore since our server provider for the game shut down its operations. You can play multiplayer, though, by peer to peer connection with your friends, if one of you hosts a server for the rest to join. You can do this from the main menu, by going to the right-most tab of the multiplayer menu.

If you are a returning player, and think you've lost your past characters with online gone, fret no more! We have saved your past characters for you to download and play with. You can check out this article for more info on this:

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341 days ago

Hello there,

Van Helsing doesn't support online play anymore, since the game server provider shut down their services. You can however play offline, and download and play with your characters that you have created in the past, we have saved those for you guys!For more info and instructions on how to get back your characters, please refer to the following article:


Hope this helps :)

341 days ago
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