HP on hit/HP leech enchants interfere with Berserk token acquirements


It seems Berserk builds became rather unstable and less popular since its decline speed got doubled (from -0.5 to  -1 tokens/s).

And some bugs and unbalanced mechamisms in berserk acquirement worsens the situation.

Last month one such bug was reported:


Here's another one:

We found if player has very fast HP on hit or HP leech,  the Radical perk and the enchant "1.0 to 3.0 Berserk tokens on losing at least 10% HP in 1 second" won't be activated. 

(Like, even if the player takes a hit and loses >10% HP,  but he leeches very fast and regains HP in the same second, then nothing would happen)

Some people may not see this as bug, but I believe it would be fair to give berserk in this situation.

After all,  HP leeching / HP on hit is common and usually necessary in end-game builds. If they interfere with Berserk acquirement, then the Berserk acuirement on HP loss mechanisms would be wasted.

Please look into these issues and help, thanks

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