How to apply the 30% loyalty discount on Prophecy



as we have previously announced, all owners of Inquisitor - Martyr get 30% off of the full price of Inquisitor - Prophecy for a month after release. In some cases, the Steam Store only indicates the 10% launch discount, however, the original discount is still valid.

To pick up Inquisitor - Prophecy with the 30% discount, make sure to log in to your Steam account if you're using a web browser to access the store, and visit the game's store page at

If you're using the Steam PC client, visit the game's store page and you will see the 30% discount if you already have a copy of Inquisitor - Martyr in your Steam Library.

Please note that the 30% discount won't apply if you're purchasing Martyr and Prophecy together for the first time. Make sure to purchase and activate Martyr first.

The Emperor protects!

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How to apply the 30% loyalty discount on Prophecy
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4 years 350 days ago
I'm pretty sure those console players who have Martyr will receive a discount on Prophecy but we later will come out with an official answer!
4 years 350 days ago
Will there be any discounts for the console version?

Just wondering since we have bought all DLC upto this point with real money while PC had the option to pay for their DLC with game currency?