Game Lags to the point of unplayability in Giantwoods


I’m currently playing Van Helsing 2 on a PS4 pro. I’m playing coop on fearless difficulty. I’m currently at the giant woods. The problem is so many enemies have spawned (mostly stick lizards) that the game is literally unplayable. I am barely able to move and cannot attack as the game is lagging so much. My coop partner has the same issue when connecting to my game. We both have the same issue if we play solo. We have managed to run around and speak to the giant stone heads (with the hope of progressing the story and leaving the area) but after speaking to them all the ice wall doesn’t open and all objectives are removed from the map meaning we are stuck here. I have tried reloading the game, teleporting to different areas (with respawn enemies turned on and off) but there doesn’t seem to be a way to reset the board. Does this mean we need to start a whole new playthrough? I think it’s very poor game development to allow so many enemies to spawn that the game can’t cope to the point where there is so much lag the player can’t move or attack

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Game Lags to the point of unplayability in Giantwoods
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6 years 191 days ago
I see, we apologise for the inconvenience and will try to address this issue with an update as soon as possible.
6 years 191 days ago

We tried that but none of the heads were available for further interaction. I think it was due to the fact the board was so messed up and suffering from so much lag from the sheer amount of enemies that had spawned. In the end we had to start a new playthrough. We ran through the board and interacted with the stones straight away, avoiding the stick lizard spawners so as not to break the game again. 

6 years 192 days ago

Hey Warlord99956,

Thanks for contacting us, we're going to look into the issue. Please make sure that you interact again with the first Stone Head - the one who gave you the errand to talk with the others - in order to lift the Ice Wall.