Cant connect to friends game (could do it yesterday) And Seffi isnt talkable (Ps4)



Bought Van helsing 1 & 2 on the Psnstore a couple of days ago. First me and my friend could connect to eachother and we played for quite a lot of hours.

Then suddenly over night we where slamed with that we could no longer connect to eachother. Now we are just left with "connecting to resolve, couldnt connect to server" on both games...

And on top of that Steffi in the Secret Lair is bugged so we cant do the two quests (relics and flowers) that you get from her.

Please resolve this ASAP.  / Christian

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6 years 171 days ago
Hey iamx,

Thanks for contacting us, we're going to look into the issue. A few questions:

  • from what point were you no longer able to talk to Saffi?
  • what Quests and Teleport Locations are available to you now?
6 years 177 days ago

Lovley. But Steffi is still bugged, and now we cant enter the industrial port on the quest "the palace of machines" to talk to Tesla.

The Area has just dissapeard from the area and so has the teleport point.

6 years 177 days ago
There was a server update, now it should work.