Freez on void crusade


Hallo Leute,  da mein Englisch nicht so der Hit ist schreib ich auf deutsch, vielleicht kann es ja jemand übersetzen wäre nett.

Im void crusade solo hab ich keine Probleme aber im coop friert das Bild ständig ein und ich lande im dashboard.

So macht der Hardcore run absolut keinen Sinn, 2 freezes und es ist vorbei vorallem dann wenn man alle Missionen + versteckten gemacht hat und in der letzten hochrangigen Mission ist, alles umsonst.

Spiele auf der xbox series x

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Freez on void crusade
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2 years 78 days ago
SinfulDa Masta
1) Here you meant that if anyone from the party doesn't press Ready or simply cancels the match then the selected missions is no longer playable?

2) We will look into the crash reports and will fix the arising problems. Sorry for the caused troubles.

(and yes, we tested both platforms, each mission 4 times)

2 years 78 days ago
But did your testers test on Xbox? I’m friends with some of the guys who are often top 10 in glory weekly. Most of us gave up on trying to do coop void crusades yesterday. 2 game breaking issues with void crusade.

1) Host starts void crusade mission. Someone accidentally presses Start to cancel or doesn’t ready up. The mission is now broken, cannot try to start it again.

2) Last night we were starting the final Supreme Mission on our run, finally got there without breaking any of the important missions for data or secret missions. But while the mission was loading up, the host said he crashed. We all got booted to the title screen without an error message and the Void Crusade failed, Game over.

Also just doing any missions, if we have 4 people, it’s rare that we go a full hour without somebody crashing out or major lag spikes.

2 years 79 days ago
Please first check if a reinstall resolves the problem. Additionally, let me ask you, do you have freezes everywhere in Void Crusade or in specific ones/specific missions? It would be good to know if this is related to a map or not.

Our testers went through all the missions 4 times before release to make sure the Co-Op feature works properly so we don't yet have an idea what could cause this.

2 years 79 days ago
Play with random players, but when i play single i have no problem
2 years 80 days ago
Who do you play together with? Your friends? Do they experience the same problem as well?