First time player.Cannot connect to the Servers.Cannot get help from Support in 3 full days.


On 20.09 I bought full collection of Martyr and tried to run in for the first time for the 5 hours without any progress so far. Tried every day after with the same result.  Internet connection 5m/s without any lags. All other games and services work without problems even tried run VPN and firewall and antivirus off - same result:

Send mail to support on 20.09 and no answer by now. 

Send note from messenger on 22.09 no answer by now. 

Send second note today - bot answered to wait 12h and no answer by now and last working day of this week just ended. 

Is this normal here?

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1 year 46 days ago
Unfortunately after 22 days and new patch still cannot connect. Yesterday send new note sill no replay. I didn't refunded game as I want to play it.  Thank you for you concern. 
1 year 46 days ago

So how did it go for you ?

1 year 62 days ago

Thank you for cheered me up with hope for the solution. 

It's already 7 days past with no reaction at all. Messages with no replay just disappeared after set amount of time, very convenient to hide traces  of no support under 12h label in messenger.  I created new one still with hope to get solution.

1 year 63 days ago
It is very normal not to get feedback for a while. You should email them directly to get better service. And better doesn't mean faster. Just means they will get to it. Sorry for your inconvenience, but they just did a major update for ps4/5 and will be busy. Hope you can get it working because it is a very fun game. Don't give up hope. 
1 year 63 days ago

I see, I try to give support a chance to solve a issue, as I read on discussions they can solve this problem. The game is labor of love and as I see they try to improve it.

1 year 64 days ago

If i were you i'll ask for a refund. i couldn't play last summer, i send my logs 6 weeks ago and i still  cannot play the game (same error as you). wait months or a year they fix it, if they can ...