Enemy taking no damage on intel mission


Hi There and sorry for the bad english!

i play an intel mission against the dark eldar (map info: Mapcfg: industrial_small_07 enemy: dark_eldar) and i have the effekt that the most enemy are taken no damage. supression damage yes but no normal damage.

Here an screenshot with the map info:

and some enemys that i have under fire:

i lost with that an mission were an meme virus is aktive :(

is there an chance to get the intel mission and meme virus back?

Youre Bolt Thrower

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Enemy taking no damage on intel mission
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3 years 215 days ago

Thanks alot Marcopolocs! :)

i played the warzone battel again were i have an semilar "bug" (Warzone Stage 5 Bug)!

and with armor braking ability i can kill the enemy!

thanks for the tips!

3 years 216 days ago
Check your Draco Hark's inventory!:)

Please note that there are Hazards which make enemies immune to critical hits! 

3 years 217 days ago

Ef you play with the tarod cards read the enemis gain range imune some enemis you can`t kill with reange weapons only male and so on....

3 years 218 days ago
You rolled all enemies have Heavy Armor, it's one of the worst things an intel mission can roll at the moment, makes enemies really tough without an armor piercing attack