Enemy health/damage boosts over time


It seems like the +damage or +health every 60 seconds is applying an insane amount of stacks of itself when you launch the mission.  My first mission I had khorne Marines with 4.5 million HP, it did however seem to revert back somehow to normal hp.

The second mission was dark eldar and it was my level mission and they had +damage and i survived for about 4 seconds against 4 or 5 normal enemies.

These were also intel missions if somehow that affected it

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Enemy health/damage boosts over time
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5 years 7 days ago
I'm seeing the same issues.

In the +x% HP every 60 seconds missions the small mobs are starting with 800k HP.  After fighting them for I'd guess 60 seconds some of them revert to proper HP.

Had the damage issue once today too.  Failed the mission since if it hit me it killed me.  

5 years 7 days ago

Just to contribute something.. Yeah, please fix it fast :-)

I got mobs with several millions of hp, and a regen of like 7k.

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5 years 7 days ago
Working on a fix, thanks for the report!
5 years 8 days ago

it seems random, i ran a white map with no life over time/damage over time modifier and normal regular enemies dealt around 2-3k damage per shot/hit.

Could be also affected by the random damage modifier enemies can get.

5 years 8 days ago
i can it confirm to.
5 years 8 days ago
Yes, I encountered the same bug today when a played a tarot mission with the +damage and health every 60 seconds. This occurred after installing the 2.0.1 patch. 

Enemies had millions of HP and even horde enemies had more HP than elites.