Cognis Protocol bug (Xbox)


This bug is more of a quality assurance failure and oversight being that both the Xbox Achievement and Heroic Deed are not worded properly and/or contradiction if each other

Xbox Achievement: "Complete a mission using only your Construct Turrets on your level or higher (Tech-Adept only)

As someone who has friends that are achievement hunters (wh@res) this is very misleading. The only Constructs that have the wording "Turret" are support constructs including theVoltageist, Alpha  and Gamma Turrets which have the following description  "Alternate function module for your non-combat turret."

Heroic Deed: "Complete a mission dealing damage only by Cunstruction turrets on your level or higher (Tech-adept only)

The only "turret" Constructs are support items. The only other turret type constructs are the Tarantula which are described as "Primary weapon for Tarantula Turrets,..."

So why was the original wording just something plan as  "Complete a mission dealing damage only by Tarantula Constructs on your level or higher (Tech-adept only)"  please don pull the bullshit that people would be confused sind Crusaders have Tarantula Turrets too. Cause you'd be full of $h!t since both the Assassin and Crusader have executions and have the ("X" only) at the end

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Cognis Protocol bug (Xbox)
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4 years 148 days ago
The Heroic Deed appeared at my rewards screen and then I was dashboarded. I have run the mission several times since and the Heroic Deed nor the Achievennt will unlock