Booster module reroll bug


None of the stats on this booster module can be rerolled in any way. No matter which line i click, the stats don't change and the crafting capacity remains at 8. That includes both reroll enchants and reroll values tabs.

Which doesn't prevent the game from taking my credits and crafting mats. I click a reroll button, the game takes my resources and then does nothing with the item. How is this possible? If nothing happens, nothing should be taken!

I believe this problem was reported quite some time ago, but it seems to continue plaguing the game.

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Booster module reroll bug
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2 years 360 days ago
I tested it with several modules previously equipped by my constructs. None of them can be rerolled. I can't even increase their crafting capacity charges, the modules are completely locked. So it seems the problem is indeed there - equipping a module on a construct disables any future rerolling of its stats.

I'm not sure if it's just some specific ones, but so far 100% of those I had equipped have this issue. That would be a very odd coincidence otherwise.

2 years 360 days ago

...and another one.

I'm starting to think that this happens when a module is equipped and used by a construct. Both these modules were previously equipped, I wanted to tweak their stats so I unequipped them and could no longer reroll anything on them. It's like equipping a module locks its stats for good.

2 years 360 days ago

Found another bugged one that can't be re-rolled even though it has 2 more charges. Luckily, this one does not steal my resources with unsuccessful rolls.

2 years 362 days ago

The account name is Lankester.

Edit: nvm, it looks like it's gone. After the past week loot bonanza, my constructs gear tab was getting full and I salvaged all sub-90 modules.

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2 years 363 days ago
Can you share your account details? We would like to borrow this item along with your character to check on it. 

Several Motive Booster Modules were tested and the enchants properly change upon rerolling them.