An alternative to Cogitator/guns interaction mechanics


Currently in order to complete objectives related to interacting with a cogitator you have to hold down a key for a predetermined amount of time. 

The problem with this is that it locks you out of combat, and a rather repetitive loop of "hold button down, shoot, hold button down" breaking the flow of the dungeon.

So I would like to suggest that these objectives complete by standing within a certain radius of the cogitator/guns after activation for a set amount of time. This will allow for larger spawns, in waves, as one would hunker down near it to hold the point till it completes, making completion of the objective more dynamic.

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An alternative to Cogitator/guns interaction mechanics
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2 years 318 days ago
Well I posted it first, so I'm taking the credit for it :P
2 years 318 days ago
What you just suggested is almost letter-by-letter the same thing we are planning to do. It exists only in concept just yet so it's not certain this will be the way we will eventually go down but something like that! Thanks though!:)