Big Sci-fi Horror fan.


As the title suggest Ive been a massive fan of Horror, Movies like Alien have been a large influence on my taste for Sci-fi and games like dead space has always peak my curiosity in why i havent seen more of its genre.  

Playing WH40k got my thinking "why havent they made a horror game with all these assets". With all the different planets and races we have in this Universe it wont be that hard to create a horror atmosphere. One idea I had in mind was maybe having a crash landed into a primative Xenos colony and instead of playing a hulked up space marine we play as one of the norms limiting us of our survival skills and finding a way out or contact rescue. 

There are so many things I believe WH40k can do with this Genre and expanding their video game experience for us old fans and newcomers alike.

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Big Sci-fi Horror fan.
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