Any help with chapter 3 rugged boots (HC)?


Hello there. 

Was hoping to get some help about chapter 3 "ragged boots" (hidden content)

I found 3 pairs, finished the chapter, and they didnt count.

They were not on the completion list, still sit in my inventory, and im a bit lost.

Thought its just the goal to find them, but maybe i missed what to actually Do with them.

Asked google, but wasnt able to gather much info, aside from you have to "FIND" them.

And 1 guy speculating about some easteregg aside from the "w*rth" joke.

Other than just asking, my last idea at this point would be watching hours of gameplay on YT to MAYBE figure it out.

Any help would be much appreciated. 

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Any help with chapter 3 rugged boots (HC)?
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