King Arthur: Knight's Tale

Enemy Factions


In King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, you will face many vile opponents and fearsome monstrosities, and must prepare accordingly. Knowing your enemy will lend you a tactical advantage as you assemble your party. Enemies also belong to various factions in the game, based on both historical and mythical considerations.

These are the seven types of opposing forces you should be aware of.


In the golden days of Avalon, when the Lady of the Lake was still watching over her magical island, everyone lived in prosperity. The fields and the trees and the rivers provided people with food copiously, without the need of any cultivation, and everyone was well-fed and content. Then the terrible storm struck and the bells of midnight began to toll and everything has withered and putrefied. These are bleak times, when famine, despair and suffering turned many people into brigands and sent them preying on other innocent villagers.


The Fomorians are monstrous giants who lived at the dawn of time, when the gods of the Sidhe arrived to the mortal lands and destroyed them. Although the Fomorians disappeared into the twilight realm of Tir na nÓg, they always managed to appear again in different worlds and lands from time to time, wreaking havoc anywhere they marched. The monstrous god of the Fomorians, Balor, has been trapped in the void beyond the known existence for countless millennia, but he is constantly trying to escape his cold prison. Once he manipulated the most powerful witch in Britannia to move against King Arthur who united the warring kingdoms: with the might of the Grail and Camelot, Balor hoped to break free at last. Their efforts failed, but Balor was so close to victory that he decided never to give up.

The Lost 

In the golden age of Avalon, knights were wandering the island seeking glorious adventure. They fought and fell, but eventually they always returned fully healed and in great spirits. But that was before Avalon succumbed to the taint. Knights are still roaming the land and they still fight, although without the joy and the vigor; and when they fall, they will still stand up again, but darkness fills them like an empty vessel, and darkness remains in them until midnight ends.

Cursed Vassals

Before darkness engulfed Avalon, it used to be a land where knights sought adventures and enjoyed their well-earned rest in their castles. After the Storm changed everything, most knights had to abandon their homes – some were driven away, others embarked on quests to save the island and some began to wage war against each other. However, their vassals were not ready to face the challenges and dangers of this new dark era. One by one they fell – the ones who remained to guard the gates and those who followed their lords to battles and the ones who broke their oaths and fled. And then they all returned to do what they always did, to fight and obey, but this time it is darkness they serve.


The Picts came from the various northern tribes of Britannia. Their history is preserved in stone. Some of them are still followers of the Old Faith, but most of them serve forbidden gods, beings so ancient that they didn’t even have names. Back in Britannia, the Pict tribes rallied under the flag of Morgawse, the Witch Queen of Orkney who waged a war against King Arthur. After their defeat, some of the lost tribes wandered beyond the veil of the worlds and ended up in Avalon, following a strange vision. Normally, they would have been defeated by the noble knights of the island, but in the chaos of the new dark times they found no resistance. The tribes settled down in the heavily forested land that soon would become the eerie Wasteland and their Moon-Women, the matriarchs of the tribes, now lead them into new battles to survive.

Seelie and Unseelie

These two Fairy Courts consist of magical beings of various nations who are now haunted by the Once and Future King’s twisted nightmares. The Seelie Court is associated with summer, spring and daytime. But beware: you will be terribly mistaken if you dare to think that the Seelie are benevolent creatures – after all, they gain their powers from heat and fire. The Unseelie are their counterparts, embracing the darkness and the cold, and you shall not expect any generosity of them.

The full version of King Arthur: Knight's Tale will be released on April 26, 2022. An Early Access version featuring the first act is available now on Steam!

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King Arthur: Knight's Tale Enemy Factions
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