Alt Tab Memory Leak


When playing Warhammer 40k inquisitor prophecy and i alt tab out of the game it starts to use more ram until i close the game or go back into the game. also once you alt tab out of game and it start taking the ram if the game ram usage gets to say 10gb and you go back to the game its ram usage will stay at 10gb until you close and reopen the game. and if you alt tab out for to long it will take all the ram you have and crash your pc

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Alt Tab Memory Leak
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2 years 143 days ago
i went back to the game in 2022 and it leech the memory like hell i disable the discord overlay even reduced the graphics but still eats the memory like there is no tomorrow also it breaking the game like making lags here and there because of it too
2 years 333 days ago
Sorry for 6 month necro but has to be done.

I'm mainly steam forum guy but this thread here stopped my leak. i want to say though it is not a discord problem directly. i used a 3rd party overlay that told my gpu temp, i don't even use discord it was causing this memory leak for me aswell started in vram and once it filled started eating the system ram while minimized. While game was in focus it never happened.  The app i was using is bit older of an app called radeonpro i use it for other graphical tweaks and sometimes for gpu temp overlay. Anyways thank you for this thread, on steam forum side i got no solution from anyone and also thought it was more wide spread leak rather than an isolated one per user case. take care and happy gaming!
3 years 183 days ago
Thanks for the info i went to Discord> User Settings> Game Activity and turned off overlay for this game and it no longer leaks ram. Will contact discord about this bug and see if they can look into it. Once again thanks for the help. Will leave this post here for others in case they have the same issue.  
3 years 183 days ago

Do you happen to have Discord overlay enabled for Inquisitor? Beginning sometime in November, there is a very reliable interaction between the two which causes a 150MB/sec memory leak, eventually crashing things. Disabling the overlay prevents the issue. It's unclear whose bug this is---I let both companies know. Neocore couldn't repro, and Discord blew me off.

That said, in my case, the memory leak did not stop once it had started, so your situation may be different.