-1 Empyrean Key


I was in a co-op game with a friend doing an Ebony Void Crusade. My game crashed after reaching the room with the Void Chests and opening one if them. While I was gone my friend opened two more chests including the Supreme Chest. I was able to rejoin and open the other chests, but once the Void Crusade was done I noticed I had -1 Empyrean Keys. I've killed about four or five Empyrean Elites since then but have been unable to pickup their Empyrean Keys.

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-1 Empyrean Key
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2 years 184 days ago
Yes! You did fix this issue for me. I've tested it with another Ebony Crusade with no further issues. Thank you!
2 years 186 days ago
If I'm right we already fixed the issue for you but if not please let us know your account name and we will fix it then.

Moreover, a global fix will come out next week and will permanently remove the bug in question. No more minus Empyrean keys afterward!

2 years 187 days ago
Okay, after trying everything I ran another Ebony Void Crusade with the same friend. When we got to the Void Chests I was able to open every chest without consuming keys, but the mission would not complete because it wasn't registering key use. My friend ended up quiting and lost all his loot, including a Holy Heavy Flamer, but when I abandoned the mission it registered as finished and let me keep all my loot. BUT NOW I have -10 EMPYREAN KEYS.