Allow disconnected players to reconnect in same session to not ruin Void Crusade!!!


I know a hotfix v2.9.2 is "supposed to address some disconnection issues during co-play" of 2-4 people. Still, I have tried perfect Void Crusades on three separate instances and have been disconnected 2x failing that mission and destroying my chances of perfect Void Crusade. Please allow a disconnected player to re-enter a co-play session as long as someone is in the party is connected to the session!!!

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43 days ago
I am also noticing the game is more stable with 2 players and the Tech_Adept is very unstable because I believe due to the multiple constructs on screen it more frequently crashes with one other player.
43 days ago
It was my Season 1 Crusader completing the "Void Crusade in under 60 min" under Tier III
47 days ago
Hi! I'm real sorry about this trouble... It's not up to our will to let players back in of course, but moreso technical limitations of the possibility. If it's for seasonal tasks, I can complete them for you in our backend so that you can progress with the Tiers. Please let me know which task (from which Tier) needs completion!