XboxOne maintenance ended & a new patch



the server migration ended on XboxOne and after double-checking everything the maintenance is now officially over. You can now login once again. Some stability and performance problems might still occur in the short run but our team will gradually resolve them. Please make sure to check all your stuff and contact us in case something is missing (though nothing should be).

Along with the backend transfer, we released a brand new patch. There are some long-awaited changes and improvements in this newest update so make sure to check out the changelog below.

Patch version:  Xbox 

New Features

  • Reworked the Unholy Cathedral game mode: Players now have 10 minutes to defeat 10 extremely strong waves. A new Leaderboard for the fastest completion times has been implemented along with new and special rewards that can be acquired once per day, per character.
  • Reworked Purge mode: during Purge missions players gain a stacking buff increasing damage and movement speed. Slain enemies may also explode to enhance the carnage and as you progress, their aggro radius increases.
  • Preparations to migrate the current backend systems of the game to AWS (Amazon Web Services).
  • Preparations for the Cross-Gen multiplayer.
  • GUI has been redesigned in several windows.

Fixed bugs

  • From now on the Cheating Death Heroic Deed will count destroyed traps as well, not only the activated ones. Some other Heroic Deeds have been also corrected.
  • Several Psalm-code Doctrines and enchants have been corrected.
  • Various localization fixes.


  • The time-limit in Multiplayer after the completion of the main objective was 1 minute before players were teleported out. This limit has been increased to 3 minutes to provide enough time to gather loot or finish any other action.
  • VIP cannot be killed during Hot Pursuit missions any longer.
  • Rebalanced the Palace Under Siege campaign mission to make it easier to complete it within the given time-limit.
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XboxOne maintenance ended & a new patch
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1 year 251 days ago
Danno McK
Same problem here across all my (seasonal) characters on Xbox: all Ordo reputations have been reset to zero.
1 year 255 days ago

The Ordo points problem was forwarded to the developer team. We will fix your progress ASAP! Thanks for sending us a report!

1 year 256 days ago
I have the same problem: all of my Ordo reputation levels show zero. I've gotten some Holy Ordo rewards after my next two missions, but it seems like the reputation is still zero.
1 year 256 days ago
All my Ordo reputation has been reset to zero, across all 3 factions. Is this intentional?