Xbox One: Hero of the Ink achievement, Glitched?


I have 156 stars: 3 stars in every campaign map on every difficulty (including Tier 4) and I can't get the achievement to pop! I've done all of the missions solo and am ranked for having 156 stars on the leaderboards. I've tried to do some again, create a new char to try and register more stars. Moved the whole game to external storage, clearing the cache... I just can't get it to register :(

Can anyone have a look for me? My gametag is: EddyFast

I even took a screenshot of the map screen to show all the stars.

Is there anything else I can do / try? Is there any neocoregames staff that can have a look?

Thanks in advance for any support or advice.


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Xbox One: Hero of the Ink achievement, Glitched?
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7 years 124 days ago
Hi! Please send a mail to [email protected]