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World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap has received quite a few updates since launch, but with the relocation of the DevBlog / Forums into the New Community hub, some of these are hard to find.

Let's review what has changed, starting with the major Content Update with the brand new Minion Card feature and the fixes afterwards.

Major changes and fixes

  • Added the Minion Cards feature
  • Finishing low level maps with higher level characters is awarded now with some XP (instead of nothing)
  • Added a new camera mode (Dynamic Camera), enabled by default, but can be switched off in the Options menu
  • “My Friends” filter has been added in leaderboards
  • “Ready” / “Not ready” button was added to the campaign map in cooperative mode for the clients
  • Fixed a bug that caused black screen upon opening the leaderboard through the zoom-in / fade in animation, after starting a new game.
  • Fixed some achievements which only unlocked on the Tier 4 maps instead of Tier 2 maps (as was stated in the achievement description)

Minor bug fixes

  • As a safety measure, from now the player needs to press and hold the corresponding button to delete or overwrite the character
  • Several text corrections in all localizations
  • Fixed the names of the Epic items in the Hungarian localization
  • Added footstep sounds for the heroes
  • My Rank filter works fine in the leaderboard
  • The trap cooldown enchants now work correctly
  • Added the mana cost description and changed the icon for the Disintegration Ray skill for the Sorceress
  • Added new artifacts
  • Minor performance improvements

Other updates

  • Fixed the reward Minion Cards wich supposed to unlock simply by owning the Van Helsing games
  • Fixed achievements:
  • Hephaestus: Can be unlocked if you upgrading with Dream Shards too (if you missed you'll get retroactively)
  • Veteran Hunter: can be unlocked when you skipped the 20. level (if you missed you'll get retroactively)
  • Can't touch this: now cannot be unlocked when you get damage
  • Hero of the Ink: now only can be unlocked on Tier 4
  • Trap Boost aura's "Extended aura" upgrade now shows the correct effect size ingame
  • The end cutscene in coop mode caused unresponsive state - now its corrected.
  • Fixed or added new sounds for Ornithopter, Igor, Batrantaur, Katarina and the Beeping Automaton Minions
  • Ready/Not ready icon now appears for the other clients too on the campaign map
  • Fixed a synchronizing issue when you get a duplicated version of your character and when he dies can damage the gate (only in single player)

Fixed some other minor issues

  • Corrected text and properties of some of the unusable Godlike item drops.
  • Fixed the missing text from the Lone Wolf Belt's level 10 Godlike enchant.
  • Fixed some minor GUI issues.

Please let us know if there's anything we can do to improve the game even further!

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Xbox One: Deathtrap - Latest Updates
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7 years 30 days ago

Hi! Sorry for the late answare. So we investigated the problem, but unfortunately everything seems fine with this achievement. It poped up for my personal account too. But maybe there was some kind of error at the Xbox Live system when you reached the 500.000 ammount of gold and the Live system didn't get the information from the game to unlock the achievement. So we made some improvements in the code and we set the game to send the unlock information to the Live system repeatedly if you are having over 500.000 gold in your inventory.

The next Deathtrap update coming soon with a big-big surprise ;) and we hope that will fix your problem too.

This comment was edited 7 years 30 days ago by Darths
7 years 36 days ago

Any update to this problem?

7 years 99 days ago

I'm having the same problem as JACKSONRR3,  Profit and Fun is stuck at 99% with 499,829 gold on the xbox one and just won't go up for unlock. Any suggestions?

My gamertag is OnexWIngxAngelx if that helps :)

This comment was edited 7 years 99 days ago by malachy greaney
7 years 130 days ago
Sure! I was playing online in co-op mode and when the person I was playing with had unlocked the achievement, my "gold looted" counter stopped working at 99%. I am about 400 gold short and none of the ways to acquire gold will move the counter. If it helps, I have every other achievement unlocked and I have over 1 million gold in my inventory.
7 years 130 days ago


Can you describe your problem more precisely? Because Profit and fun achievement seems to us working fine! We tested it and unlocked and the pals at the unlocked it also and nobody reported problem!

This comment was edited 7 years 130 days ago by Darths
7 years 131 days ago

The 'Profit and fun' achievement is broken on Xbox One.

7 years 141 days ago

pc get nothing?