Xbox Has One Online Co Op Canpaign


I bought the deluxe edition on Xbox as I game share with my partner and we still can’t access the campaign for online Co op and I thought this had now been added to consoles?

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Xbox Has One Online Co Op Canpaign
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4 years 357 days ago
The 2.0 update is not available on console yet. Autumn/Fall is the projected time frame

4 years 358 days ago
Hi I have played the first missions and Thorne is on my bridge but it still will not let us play any missions in co op on Xbox?!?
5 years 14 days ago
Please note that as Patch 2.0 is not yet out on console, coop campaign is still not available in the game. The patch will arrive in the autumn.
5 years 14 days ago
Dont panik you have to play till mission 6- or 7 til the crippled space marine called thorn is on your bridge. Add me for more advice if ya want to. GT Stirpem Ultimam