X box controls


I’ve been playing on X Box and can’t figure out a few controls. The first is I have seen the mini map superimposed over the main screen. I have tried, but can’t figure out how to do it. Anyone know?

The second is I have heard of a lock on function for targets, anyone know how to do this also on X Box?

Thanks in advance,

Saber 7 Actual

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X box controls
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5 years 248 days ago
Thanks for your help!  Got it now. May the Emperor's light shine upon you.

Saber 7 Actual

5 years 248 days ago

with the Default Control Layout:

  • Superimposed mini map: press D-Pad Down while playing a mission.
  • Target Lock: click the right stick when an enemy is highlighted (the unit has a red outline around them)