Wrong translation into german


Hi there and sorry for the bad english.

i have found wrong translations.. see here:

At first we have that skill here in the movement skill tree that gives me -3% cooldown for skills with LONGER than 1 sec cooldown.

see here:

And in German stays here "-3% Abklingzeitbonus für Fertigkeiten mit einer Abklingzeit von weniger als 1 Sekunde."

that is wrong.. here stays that we have the bonus for skills LESS than 1 second. i have marked the wrong words "von weniger als". here must stay "über" and than its correct. see here:

Next one here: 

an perk from the Crusader. Here is the word "fühlen" wrong.. that is the word for "to feel" or "feeling" the right word is "füllen"

the other words sounds wrong in the german grammar. use here not "die" here comes "den" and for the word "voll" use "auf".

than it sound better.

and next and last i found is that skill here:

first the english skill from the Defense tree: Defensive Stance

And here the skill in the German version:

here is the problem that we have a complete other discription for the skill. in english here stays that:

"25% of incomming damage goes to the suppresion damage"

Thank you, your Bolt Thrwoer

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Wrong translation into german
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5 years 205 days ago
Thank you for the screenshots, these will be re-checked by our translators and will be corrected!

Many thanks for all the screenshots and reports you submitted recently! It's a great help!