Wish List For New Classes


Hello all!

I love this game! I really hope the devs continue to add new classes and content. I thought we could discuss classes we would like to see in the future. 

Here are mine:

Interrogator / Commissar-esque gameplay

  • Your text book inquisitor - less a power house weapon of mass destruction themselves, but skilled in manipulation and aquisition of other deadly assets. Skills would focus on building an inquisitorial retinue.
  • Building out a squad of imperial guard troops (customize equipment and weaponry, give heavy weapons, medics, add sgts, etc). Astartes for heavy fire support. Call down fire support.
  • Focused on cover based combat and allies.

Grey Knight / Death Watch / Red Hunter

  • Power house, honestly has a lot of similarities to the crusader but we would be able to see that sexy astartes armor and be huge. Armor vs Terminator armor.

What are yours?

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Wish List For New Classes
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