Why no Heavy bolter or Flamer


I don't understand why we don't have access to heavy bolter and the heavy flamer, since their armies clearly have access to these weapons, get they probably shouldn't have access to all weapons and all heavy weapon types, since there so lore aspects to things but also some game balance.

But I honestly don't get the heavy bolter part, codes to enhance physical damage weapons already hard to get by. So if you want to do range sister you're more or less hard locked into the weaker boltgun, which late game fall heavily behind everything else. Feel would be nice to not be forced into the few cookie cutter meta builts. Since we already lorewise should have access to heavy bolter and heavy flamer for range.

Seen some comment on it before on sub comment sections but doesn't feel as if anyone answered as to why we don't have access to them, but why they're prohibited from us since weapon both already exist and lorewise sisters of battle could wield them?

EDIT: After playing on seasonal +3 extreme with boltgun build, I am getting reason why it was probably decided to not add heavy bolter, since boltgun fits much better with the hit & run type skirmisher gameplay. However still think it should be us as players decisions if we want to make use of heavy bolter and do different potential gameplay style to that one. Still hope we could get heavy bolter since being limited to only one physical weapon for build through the playthrough, kind of make the progression like not feel like it besides getting better gear stats, when no new weapons to try combine for the build for physical. Anyways just my thoughts on it.

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Why no Heavy bolter or Flamer
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Yes, I totally agree that true solution to balance should be that each character has their own unique & powerful weapons and mechanisms :)

But I fear that the dev guys  would  always choose the “easiest way” ...

I think as of now, only psyker and techadept could be said to be close to this goal (unique and strong).


For assasin, the melee weapons are successful. But the sniper mechanisms and the execution mechanisms are not. 

For crusaders, he is not bad, but his unique weapons like heavy bolter or plasma cannon are barely tolerable in high levels. 

For sisters, she looks better than crusaders with these interesting faith acts, but the saint form, like you said, are not successful enough.

And for the item sets, we see a dominance of enraged builds. People just hang out with enraged sets and those heat auras and shock explosion auras, no matter assasin or crusader or sister.


Truth is, I don't have much faith that these would be greatly improved in the future, because an effective rework of all these skill systems and item systems seems to take too much work.

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Not sure I see solution being keeping something from sisters because of the state the crusaders, they have stuff sisters don't and melee weapons they don't. I don't disagree crusader could have had something to make them feel more unique like Assassin, psyker and Tech Priest mechanics. But shouldn't you be asking for that instead of solution being holding some lore item from another class, if its in reality the crusader that could use a make over or revamp to make them more interesting to play and unique.

EDIT: Also at the moment boltpistol & chainsword and boltgun are only non heat/melee based options you have for the sisters, which I think is sad. Get that heat weapons are superpowerful and synergies well with embodied saint, just be nice with some alternative to just being stuck in that loop. Think if we could had heavy bolter and ability to choose using combo weapons or old selective combo system where we could dual wield bolters it be nice. Also finally will say embodied saint is fun but its not epic, you do about as much damage outside form as in it but you're much more squishy in form since saint powers that doesn't cost as much to use is up and personal.

So actually think many don't use saint for at all maybe many use acts of faith, but using more than one of them is also only for a few maybe 3 or 4 items where you get extra saint slots. So if you don't use embodied saint or acts of faith much, its pretty much like many other classes.

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To me the only possible reason is to "leave something to crusader".

Yes, sisters should have these by lore. 

But in this game, sisters already beat crusaders in melee now with their skills (passives add melee range, faith acts drag enemy into melee range), and the only unique things left for crusaders are these heavy ranged weapons.

To me the best 3 ranged weapons for crusaders are: grav gun, shot gun and heavy flamer. The funny point is, none of them are comletely unique to crusaders: assassins can use grav gun and shot gun,  and the skill set of sisters flamer is the same as heavy flamer.

So I guess it's OK just let old crusaders keep their heavy bolters.  There is not much left for them.....  

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