Who is Caius Thorn?


Caius Thorn is an Adeptus Astartes of the mysterious Stormwatchers, a Space Marine Chapter practically unknown beyond the reaches of the Caligari Sector. Even most Inquisitors doing the Emperor’s work in the region are unaware of their presence in the Sector. The existence of the Stormwatchers has been classified for many reasons, and just partially because they are the militant arm of the Caligari Conclave, deployed only for the most secretive missions.

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Who is Caius Thorn?
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5 years 356 days ago
Because the Deathwatch are an anti xenos unit. Enemies so far are not xenos (they will come later), so they would be useless. Plus by creating their own chamber militant Neocore has much more freedom for their story and gameplay.
5 years 356 days ago
I wonder why you didn't use the Deathwatch. As an Inquisitional militant branch it could have been a logical choice.