What can we do to advertise to get more people playing?


I just bought Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor Martyr for PS4 tonight and I was blown away and I'm madly in love with the game! But looking out across space, there's so few stars shining. How can we spread the glory of this game? It feels like this game is a hidden gem that so few are aware of. I have never advertised or spread words about a game this good. I want to help somehow, but have no idea where to start. On the PS4, there's a Community forum built-in on the console machine, which has about 1,500 people playing this game. I know DLCs are one thing that keeps bringing players back as fresh contents keeps players engaged and I think that's possibly one way to spread the words. I too am hoping for long-term so that I can buy DLCs too to keep coming back to the game. Please let me know any information so that I can help out. Keep up the great work, guys! Thanks!

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What can we do to advertise to get more people playing?
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4 years 74 days ago
It's so simple. And has often been discussed.

Endgame in combination with loot to show off.

The game is fine, it catches the 40k universe reasonable good. But the removal of Warzones (not the shitty Warzone you have now) what can a player do?

Leveling is easy when you have some carries in your cabal.

Its just boring doing crusades or intel for shitty loot. Its even boring to reroll all items for better stats after you spend the first 100mil on that.

Fixed difficulty dungeons are missiong for high end gamers with a reward woth farming in a group.

4 years 79 days ago
Problem is that almost no one made a serious re-review after Update 2.0...

And many people still complaining about nonsense in the Steam reviews. 

For me it's a really great game even before 2.0. 

4 years 79 days ago
More endgame challanges, faster leveling so ppl can try more builds without grind, more events like 

"Chaos invasions" with scalable difficulty levels

Maybe global PVE huge map as "warzone" where you can play as individual or form the party (sort of open world) to fight against endless enemies of the Emperor.