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It's that time of the year: welcome to Games Workshop's annual Warhammer Skulls video game festival with sales and in-game events! We're proud to announce that our Action-RPG Warhammer 40,000: Inqusitor - Martyr will be also participating in this worldwide event.

During the celebration, you will find select Inqusitor games and DLCs on discount, up to 80% off on Steam, and up to 90% off on PlayStation and Xbox stores. 

To honor the Skulls festival, a celebratory in-game event is available on PC, while console players will receive a gift package with items and cosmetic rewards upon login. See our new changelog for more information on the new update for PC.

Make sure to check out Games Workshop's other venues and partners, and don't miss the livestream with announcements - this year the grand celebration is hosted by Rahul Kohli! The festival will run for 7 days, so you will have plenty of time to look around. Maybe hunt down a Skull Procurator or two in the meantime.

For the Emperor!

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Welcome to the Warhammer Skulls 2023
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323 days ago

It's nice that. I adore that! 

343 days ago

That's good ! love that !

350 days ago

Hi @mapquest

Spending 15 hours and only getting 68 kills is frustrating.  

356 days ago

Meanwhile, many players are struggling to hunt down 100 of those event enemies. I've probably spent about 15 hours on it and still only at 68 kills. They don't spawn nearly enough, and in any discussions I've read or been a part of, nobody really knows which factions they even spawn in for sure. The best way to find them is Assassination missions with I think any Chaos Marine faction, but nobody really knows for sure. Since missions are randomly generated, the odds of finding a mission with the best mission types and factions to maximize your chances at finding them are low. They are too rare and should have a chance of spawning with any faction. Most players won't know which factions they can only be found in and won't have the time to dedicate to the hunt to kill 100 of them before the event is over tomorrow. 

Oh, and the item enchants are extremely niche and will be useless for nearly everyone. Warp vul chance on melee hits? What? It may be okay for some characters while leveling, but the bonuses overall are so limiting the item may as well not even exist.

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358 days ago
361 days ago
If you support character share between platforms I'd probably buy the Xbox version but seems like you don't so I won't....