Weird VC bug


I have a weird mission leveling problem with my violet VC. Two of the remaining missions (including the supreme one) are all of a sudden several levels higher than they should be. I have been using Grimmstalker's excellent guides, the supreme mission should be +2, but in fact is now +12. It's almost as though its level was not fixed when the mission was unlocked, but continued to rise as I was raising VC difficulty by doing other missions. I am level 78 at the moment.

This is the supreme mission level:

And this is the mission that unlocked it (mission 8 in Grimmstalker's guide):

You can also see that mission #15 (with servo skull), linked to the supreme one, is only +5:

There's clearly something weird going on here. There cannot be a +10 level jump from one mission to the next. Same problem affects mission #22, which is now +13 levels. I unlocked it by doing mission #4 and there should be 0 level increase.

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Weird VC bug
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2 years 222 days ago
The fix did not help on the already created Void Crusades. Please abandon it if you haven't yet do so and the next one should work properly.
2 years 223 days ago

I'm not sure that the hotfix worked. I opened my unfinished VC, did most of the remaining missions and the supreme mission that was +12 is now +16.

I'm level 78, the mission is level 94, having gone up 4 levels since I made the OP. Considering it's the violet VC with the huge boss (if I remember correctly) that is basically a bullet sponge even in normal circumstances, I think I will just abandon this. It makes no sense spending 1h trying to down a half million HP boss with 98.3 damage reduction (especially with my constructs still with level 60 weapons)...

2 years 224 days ago

The first fix did not help in this regard, we are preparing a new one which will come out possibly tomorrow in a hotfix.