Weapons of the main character


Dear developers, I ask to reduce the size of some types of weapon at classes of the Crusader and the assassin for 20-30% as this weapon looks excessively massive.


Please forgive for any mistakes, as I write through an online translator.

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Weapons of the main character
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6 years 46 days ago
Van Bolt Thrower

Dear Ivan Bolt Thrower heavy bolter don't need to change, how he is and should be, I just wanted to autogen and lathan did not as massive as boltpistol from Inquisitor to Crusader.

6 years 46 days ago
its hard to say that some looks to massive^^ what weapon you mean?^^ that will nice to know. an heavy bolter must be grate and heavy, because its not an littel bolter^^

i know that anywone write the powersord must be grater?!^^ because it have a too short blade?!?!

6 years 46 days ago
Also add to feedback Mighty Snakefist remark on Assassin 1-hander and 2-hander disparity (not all 1-handers have appropriate 2-hander and vice versa), and that He, in His Mighty Eye Pleasing Mastery, is completely opposed to OP. One thing is a *thing*, other is just opinion.

And as the unofficial voting confirmed, some kind of 'remapping' of skill selector is *needed* - on the Assassin example, various Jump skills use different skill assignments, also skills like Phase-Assault - He is aware that they are not equal, but it's close to mind that the player using melee combo *will* make alot mistakes if one Jump is marked to '2' on weapon 1, and on '1' on weapon 2. In His All-Encompassing Mind, this type of grouping similar skills (by function) is more important than current (by a cooldown).

6 years 46 days ago
Is that a thing really?

They were all fitting pretty well I'd say, some could even be bigger.

6 years 47 days ago
Thanks for the feedback, I have added it to our internal feedback doc.